Christening photoshoot – How to prepare for photoshoot?

Prerequisites for a Perfect Christening Photo Shoot

Christening photo shoot can be more challenging than wedding photography. The star of the event is a child. In some cases, the child is only a few weeks. Many parents wait for a few months so their babies are a little grown up and can be an active part of the event. Whether the baby is just four weeks old or ten months old, christening photo shoot would still be a challenge if there isn’t a plan and if it is not executed perfectly. Here are some of the prerequisites for a perfect christening photo shoot.

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• A photographer should arrive at least an hour before the event.

There would be a venue, which in all likelihood would be a church. There may be another venue where the parents may host a party. Every venue has its merits and demerits. There may be sufficient natural light. There may be enough artificial lights. Neither may be appropriate for perfect photos and a photographer may have to use a range of flashes. From flashgun to pop-up flash, fill flash to high ISO settings, there is a myriad of ways to manage low light situations. However, it is just betterif the photographer is prepared to deal with the natural setting. Some churches are well lit. Others are not so. Even an outdoor venue may have its challenges depending on the time of the year. Light is a crucial factor and it is not wise for anyone to respond to a situation. It is better to be proactive so one is already prepared before the child and the guests arrive. Krikštynos

• Every family will have some priorities.

There are some customary photos that should be taken, such as the child with the parents, with the godparents, with the grandparents, with the whole family and perhaps all the guest in one large group photo. There may be some specific places at the venue where the parents may want to have a photo taken with their child. These pictures where posing is necessary must be planned well. The child will not be considerate throughout the event. One would have to make the most of the moments the child allows everyone to be at ease. 

Christening photo shoot would be futile if the child is not jovial, smiling and having fun. The parents would have to entertain the child. There may be others, such as grandparents or godparents, friends of the family or siblings, cousins and other guests who can perhaps cheer up the child. The objective is to get as many candid shots of the child as possible. There has to be some planning to make this happen. While one cannot plan candid moments or predict the various facial expressions of a child, some effort must go in to create the interesting situations. 


• Finally, all the equipments should be in place to facilitate a perfect christening photo shoot. Wide angle lens is necessary and so is a super zoom lens. A christening photo shoot will have group photos and there will be close-ups. A super zoom lens will be useful to go from a group photo to a close-up without the necessity of changing lens. Changing lens can be a daunting task during christening photo shoot. It takes way too much time, especially since the child may not be in a cheerful mood for a very long time. It is essential to make the most of the finer moments, as long as they last. 

Christening photo shoot does not demand any specific theme as such but the parents may want a certain kind of aesthetic. This has to be kept in mind throughout the shoot. Please visit krikstynu fotosesija for more photos.